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Let's Get Started!

Thank You for your interest in Grayson Christian School.
Everything you need to start the admissions process is available to you on this page.

Application Process


Step 1: Schedule A Tour

If you would like to begin our school application process, please click the link below to schedule a tour with our administrator.

Tour Calendar

Step 2: Interview

An interview with the principal will be scheduled once classroom availability is determined. All transferring students from K3 - 12th grades must have a personal interview with the principal before enrollment can begin. 

Step 3: Application
Step 4: Placement Testing

Placement testing is required if the new student is seeking to transfer from public school. We do not accept “Standards of Learning” results. If the new student is seeking to transfer from another private or Christian school, we will accept Standardized Testing results (Stanford Achievement, Iowa Assessments, etc.) Placement testing may still be required.


All placement testing is a $100 fee (non-refundable.)

Step 5: Form Submission

The following list of forms will be completed and submitted in entirety for enrollment:

Birth certificate, shot records, school transcripts (if entering older than K5), pastoral recommendation (if entering 7th grade or older), physical exam.

If you have a student starting Kindergarten (K4 or K5) or moving in from another state, the student must have a physical exam. The required State of Texas school entrance form is available online for your physician to complete. MCH 213G, revised 2014.

Step 6: Uniforms

Students must purchase uniforms after formal acceptance into Grayson Christian School. Uniforms can be purchased through French Toast online. ALL students are required to be in uniform.

Tuition & Fees


Registration Fees
Tuition & Student Fees
Miscellaneous Fees
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